Religious Education

Religious Education Program Registration 2021-2022

Religious Education classes will be held on Saturday mornings from September through May for children in public or private schools.  The program is for students grades 1-8, older children and special needs children. 

Please note that the Diocese requires two consecutive years of instruction prior to making First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Click here for Religious Education online registration form or download a printable Sacred Heart Registration Form 2021.

You can also reach us at or 718-631-1307.

Mrs. Georgette M. Lyons
Director of Religious Education

Sacred Heart Religious Education Calendar 2020-2021

Fun Summertime Activities to Teach Kids About God

Summer is a great season to get outside and enjoy great weather and fun family time!  You can also enrich your family’s faith this summer, without sacrificing fun in the process.

Here are some summertime family activities that work great with kids of all ages.

  1. SEE GOD IN ALL THINGS – We Catholics have a rich history of seeing the ordinary and perceiving the extraordinary.  The sacraments allow us to see ordinary things such as water, bread, wine and oil as doors to the sacred that reveal God.  This summer, we can use our “sacramental imagination” to see God in new places as we travel, as we garden, as we  spend time outside and even as we watch Little League games.  An expression attributed to St. Ignatius of Loyola explains our goal as believers: “To see God in all things.”  Summer is a time when we can slow down, find time for reflection and perhaps have peace and calm within to see God in the everyday occurrences of life.
  2. NATURE WALK AND CREATION – Take a walk – or even a long hike, depending on your children’s ages and abilities, and collect items to make a wreath, pinecone creation, or suncatcher.  Later, when the weather turns cool and rainy, you’ll have the supplies you need to spend a quiet afternoon crafting together.   
  3. VISIT THE ZOO – This doesn’t have to be a pricey venture – there are many free zoos that will cost you no more than gas for your car to get in!  On the way, get the kids thinking about the many animals mentioned in the Bible.  Then see how many of those animals you can find in the zoo that day.
  4. WATER FUN – What could be better than cool fun on a hot day?  Start by sharing a Scripture story featuring water: for example, the Creation, the Baptism of the Lord, or the Wedding at Cana.  Depending on your children’s ages, your family might enjoy a water balloon toss, splash contest in the pool, experiments with floating, sinking and evaporation, or a bathtub duckie race.
  5. GO STARGAZING – Even if you don’t own a telescope, taking a drive into the country on a clear summer’s night to watch the stars has a definite celestial feel to it.  Pondering the immensity of the cosmos in relation to our miniscule presence on earth is another gateway into conversation about God’s vastness and our gratitude for the beauty of the night sky.
The Confirmation class of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Bayside collected gift bags of toiletries, socks, puzzles and books for the Veterans at the St. Albans Veterans Home.  They also made cards for each bag thanking the veterans for their service.  This project was coordinated with American Legion Post 103 in Douglaston.  The veterans were
very appreciative of the efforts of the students.