Word of the Week 2022

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The Labyrinth at Sacred Heart

Unlike a maze, which befuddles and confuses, a labyrinth is a form of contemplative prayer that takes the pilgrim on a journey of discovery.

The labyrinth’s winding path mimics the road of life, with its unexpected turns. Walking it is a miniature pilgrimage that helps us to reflect on our life.

Twice a year we convert the church hall into a pilgrimage site. The labyrinth has been part of our spiritual lives here at Sacred Heart since 2000.

For more information, click on the labyrinth pamphlet.


A Mini Retreat Experience

MOMENTS IN BETWEEN, the space between the big events of our lives, the holy pause that refreshes.

Through short video presentations these mini-retreat experiences introduce us to some of the world’s great spiritual GUIDES:   Ronald Rolheiser,OMI, Sister Joan Chittister, OSB, Father Henri Nouwen, Father Richard Rohr, etc…  Our time together  consists of input, contemplative silence, reflection, and optional sharing.

TENTATIVE MEETINGS FOR THE FALL:  The 3rd Tuesday of each month beginning in October from 12:30 to 2:30PM.

Taizé Prayer

During the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent we experience the beautiful CHANTS OF TAIZÉ.

Taizé prayer is a distinctive style of meditative prayer developed by an ecumenical community of monks in rural France. This quiet, moving reflective prayer combines elements of the Church’s traditional Liturgy of the Hours with elements of contemplative meditation.

A typical Taizé prayer service incorporates periods of silence with meditative readings from Scripture and contemporary prose, prayers of praise and intercessory prayer. Short songs or chants, repeated over and over again, create a meditative environment. The intent is to gradually move prayer from the head to the heart.

“It is a time to rest in God, to let the words listened to and sung penetrate one’s being.”

Do check back to see when we will be offering our next Taizé evening of prayer. We are hoping for the Fall, a time when all of us will need the blessings and graces that such an evening of prayer can offer.

Spiritual Support for Parishioners

The following links are offered to you during this difficult time of separation from our parish community. Let us all pray for one another and help one another as best we can. Check back for additional links.

Sr. Kathleen

A Faith Response to the Coronavirus

A Prayer for Uncertain Times


(Brief Reflections on the week’s Scripture readings)



Sacred Heart Prayer Garden

Consider ordering a brick in memory of/or to honor a relative or friend. Order forms for the bricks can be found AT THE APPROPRIATE LINK BELOW, or can be picked up at the rectory. Orders can be submitted at any time. However, bricks will be ordered and planted in the fall and spring only. Those who order bricks will be notified of the date for the Blessing of the newly planted bricks.

Contact: Sr. Ellen Smith at 718-428-2200 EXT. 104 (Tuesdays from 9-3pm.)

Order forms must be downloaded, filled out and returned to the Rectory.

4X8 Brick Order

8X8 Brick Order