Returning To Mass!

This Monday, June 29 we will begin to have daily mass again at Sacred Heart Church.The following weekend, July 4-5 we will begin Sunday Masses. Please take a few minutes to look at the short video about how the services will be conducted. Also read the Bulletin for information about the times of Masses. Note that there will not be a Sunday evening 5PM mass at present.



Read the Letters from our Pastor and the Sacred Heart Finance Committee regarding the present situation with the Covid-19 virus and its effects on us as a Parish Community.

From the Pastor and Finance Committee…

Ltr Pastor and Finance counci_COVID_Letter_2up_Dup

New Census Form

(Note: you may receive an email message with the census form attached. You only need to fill out a census form once. Either download from here or the email message, fill out the form and then return it to the rectory. Thanks!)

New Census Form 2020


What Is An Indulgence


Sacred Heart Church Thanks All Essential Workers!

Monsignor Machalski had a sign made that is now posted on the fence near the rectory on 38th Avenue to thank all our essential workers for their hard work and sacrifices on our behalf. He and Fr. Alex Lee are pictured here with P.O. Dan Foran and P.O. Belinda Story from the 111th Precinct. They are our NCO’s –liaisons with our sector of Bayside and the precinct. Thanks to all our essential workers!